Whole30 Day 1

For those who don’t know, Whole30 is basically eating no processed junk or added sugars for 30 days. Totally more to it, but that’s the gist of it.

Day 1 = Epic Failure … Or was it?

Missed breakfast because I overslept. My mom had a mild stroke Dec 31st so sleeping has not been easy as of late, not that it ever really has been. Typically I’d hit the McDonald’s drive through for a delicious McGriddle or a McMuffin, but today I resisted. Sipped my tea I made before leaving and turned my nose up to my usual breakfast go to. Score 1 for me!

Work was INSANE. Non stop calls and walk ins. And to make it more awesome co worker went home sick. At 3pm I resigned myself to the fact I was not getting a lunch. And I was almost dying of starvation. To fight off the hunger pains I drank water like nobody’s business. And eventually succumbed to a Nature’s Valley Oats & Honey Granola Bar. Fail. Day 1 and already munching a non compliant food. BUT! In my drawer I also had chocolates and other candy, chips and cakes. So ha! Score 2 for me!

Typically 5pm and I’m shutting down. 645pm and I was FINALLY on my way home! Sent the hubs a message earlier to start dinner (roast with carrots and potatoes) but no response. I just knew there would be no dinner waiting for me on the dining room table. As I drove past every fast food place known to man, I resisted the urge to just say screw it, I’ll start over tomorrow. No. Instead I drove home and made baked chicken strips (tenderloin) and sliced red potatoes with tea. Score again! That’s 3 victories today!

So, sure. I may have eaten one non compliant food, but it was the best food choice available to me. And I resisted the urge more than once to indulge in a 1200 calorie burger. And I cooked a dinner for myself even though it meant eating at 830pm. So maybe today wasn’t such a failure after all.


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