Whole30 Day 2

Today was a little tricky. I had to be in Wausau for a Life class at 8am. I woke up later than I planned, so I again left without making breakfast or a lunch!!

On the way to Wausau I stopped at Kwik Trip. For breakfast I had a watermelon cup and a cantaloupe cup with my tea. I was a bit hungry still, but resisted eating any of the donuts they had at the class. They smelled so A-MAZING!

Lunch was catered in from a local eatery. Sandwiches, cookies and chips. I refrained and ate my veggie salad with 2 hard boiled eggs. Got some weird looks since I was the only one not eating the food brought in. Tomorrow is a salad bar thankfully!

Today when I got home shortly after 6pm Eric had dinner going. He made a duck with a pasta salad. First time I’ve ever had duck. Honestly tasted just like chicken. Skipped the pasta salad and made some green beans and sliced up a pear. 

Managed almost 64oz of water today! Today was also day 2 of no soda or energy drinks. To escape the horrible headaches my morning tea and afternoon tea has some caffeine, but no where near what I was consuming.


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